Lost Ark: Get a free unicorn mount through the new Drops on Twitch

On the occasion of the invitation tournament organized by G4TV to celebrate the launch of Lost Competitive Ark season 1, Amazon Games Studio will offer a new exclusive Drop for twitch spectators. Accessing the channel of one of the participants of this competition and seeing only two hours (not necessarily consecutively consecutive) of emission, you have the possibility of accessing exclusive cosmetic items:

  • 1000 fragments of amethyst
  • 1 Mount: Unicorn Selection Chest

Unicorn Selection Chest

Unicorn Selection Chest contains the following items (only one can be selected):

Lost Ark - New Twitch Drops! Don't Miss these Free Limited Time Items!!

  • Mount: Aurora Borealis Cornet (white with blue mane)
  • Mount: Black Corneta (Black)
  • Mount: Pink Cornet (white with pink mane)
  • Structure: granite (white)

When can I get G4TV Tournament Twitch Drops?

Obtaining this exclusive Twitch booty will be held as of Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 22:00 (Spanish time). During this first day, the drops will only be available through selected competitors and co-streamers. Subsequently, As of Wednesday, April 13 and until Monday, May 9, 2022 , this program will be extended to a wider range of content creators.

To access these rewards, simply connect your Steam account to your Amazon account and go to any of the eligible streamers play Lost Ark for 2 hours.

What streamers are eligible for Lost Ark Drops on Twitch?

At the moment, Amazon Games has not reported the official Streamers list eligible for Twitch Drops. The captains of the participating teams are:

Saintone. * Shiphtur. * Cindy Phan. Ginadarling. * Plushys. * Bajheera. * Sonii. * Rennie.

Regarding the extension of access to these rewards, the list of eligible streamers has not communicated to date. Usually, and basically, the main Streamers of Lost Ark are selected in each region. Nothing official, however, we will keep you informed as soon as we have more information about this topic.